To facilitate certain exports some types of livestock moving onto the exporting premises MUST be kept in an approved export isolation facility (EIF) until ALL the animals for export have left the premises


Under the export isolation requirements, movement of cattle, sheep, pigs or goats onto a farm will trigger an isolation period whereby the animals must remain in export isolation until the animals for export have left the farm this applies to all these species. A farm will be considered as one epidemiological unit (i.e. under APHIS this equates to an Enterprise) for the purpose of disease control and will include all associated herds, associated flocks and associated enterprises.

Export isolation facilities

Export isolation facilities are approved by Authorised Veterinary Inspectors and the local Divisional Veterinary Office issues a licence for each one. Even if herds/flocks are associated they cannot share an export isolation facility (EIF).  Each herd/flock must have its own EIF.

The export isolation facility is intended for the keeping of animals and isolating them from any other animals. It is operated under a licence issued by DARD through the local Divisional Veterinary Office. When farmers bring new animals onto a farm they must ensure that the animals enter the export isolation facility and remain in export isolation until the animals for export have left the farm.

Process of Approval of export isolation facility

  • the keeper contacts Authorised Veterinary Inspector (AVI) directly
  • the AVI carries out an inspection of the export isolation facility
  • the AVI confirms to DARD (local Divisional Veterinary Office) whether or not the export isolation facility meets the requirements as set in the conditions.  The AVI inspection and approval service is paid for by the farmer
  • the licences will be issued by local Divisional Veterinary Offices and periodic auditing will be carried out by DARD staff


91/68EC and the Animal and Animal Products (Import Export) Regulations mean that sheep or goats coming into a flock within 21 days of any others being exported out of the flock/herd must be placed in an export isolation facility. This includes any of the flock/herd keepers own sheep who have gone to a show and returned.

During export checks the AVI/DVO will check for EIF should an EIF not be in place and used correctly this may result in the export not being certified.

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