Poultry, Hatching Eggs and Captive Bird Movements to GB and Exports to EU Member States and Third Countries

Further Information, including links to relevant supporting documents, is provided below according to the destination and type of export.

Moving poultry and captive birds to GB

You do not need an animal health certificate to move poultry, hatching eggs or captive birds directly from NI to GB. You do need to complete a commercial document for traceability and fulfil the conditions of their import licences, see those in the link below:
General licences and authorisations to import live animals or animal products - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

The commercial document should include the following to allow traceability for disease control reasons:

  • Full details of consignment
  • Description and quantities
  • Name and addresses of importer and exporter
  • Haulier vehicle registration number
  • Establishment of origin
  • Establishment of destination (if different from above)
  • The date of issue
  • Reference number (e.g., batch numbers, order numbers, lot numbers etc.) to enable the document to be correlated with the consignment and
  • Approval/registration number of the premises, which produced the birds or eggs, marked by an official stamp.

Exporting poultry and Hatching Eggs to EU Member States

Please select the appropriate link below for documents and guidance  to support your specific export. The certificate itself is on TRACES NT.  

Exporting Captive Birds to EU Member States

Captive birds are any birds other than poultry that are kept in captivity for any reason, including those that are kept for shows, races, exhibitions, competitions, breeding or selling.

Exporting Poultry, Hatching Eggs or Captive Birds to Third Countries

If the importing country has agreed to accept poultry, hatching eggs or captive birds, an export health certificate will be available on Form Finder. You may click here to Apply, using the Export Application.

Bird Gatherings

Information on requirements for  bird gatherings may be found at General licence for bird gatherings.

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