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This page has been designed to allow easier access to water related information requested by consultants when carrying out environmental assessments. It contains a link to the WMU Information Request Web Viewer and links to associated documents. This web viewer provides surface water quality, abstraction, industrial and domestic consent, pollution incident, groundwater authorisation and groundwater information, the main types of data requested.
Additional information on overall groundwater quality, groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystems and protected areas is on the NIEA Catchment Data Map Viewer available on the Digital Download page.

For information relating to private water supplies, contact Drinking Water Inspectorate

For Northern Ireland Water (NIW) - discharges and public water supplies, contact NIW directly

For information relating to Domestic Consents, the Public Register is now available to search for consent details online -

If you require any additional water-related information, Groundwater or Marine related data, contact

Note that a 2018 interim classification of water quality has been undertaken, details of which are available by contacting 

WMU Information Request Web Viewer

Dataset Name Details Last Updated
Web Mapper Dataset Information
Pollution Incidents Number pollution incidents within 1 km grid square Jan 2013 – December 2017. The table provides information relating to pollution severity, source and year the incident occurred. June 2018
Industrial Consents Industrial and Domestic Consented Discharges 2012 – April 2018 June 2018
Abstraction Licensing Water Abstraction License Locations excluding public water supplies April 2018
Groundwater Monitoring Sites Groundwater Monitoring Sites within 1km square. The table contains site codes. If a square falls within the required search radius contact water info for results. June 2018
Groundwater Authorisations Sites Authorisations for the disposal for waste pesticides within the limits of the Groundwater Regulations (NI) 2009 June 2018
Surface Water Body Monitoring Sites Surface Water Body monitoring sites submitted as part of Water Framework Directive reporting 2016. The file does not contain any sites opened from January 2016 or closed before December 2014 August 2017
River Water Bodies River Water Body Outline December 2015
Transitional Water Bodies Transitional Water Bodies including 2015 status as reported for River Basin Plans. December 2015
Coastal Water Bodies Coastal Water Bodies, including 2015 status as reported for River Basin Plans December 2015
Lake Water Bodies Lake Water Bodies, including 2015 status as reported for River Basin Plans December 2015
River Segments River Segments, including 2015 status as reported for River Basin Plans December 2015

Further Information

Some layers displayed on the mapper are available on the digital download page, which can be downloaded and used within your own project. Follow the guidance on the web page.

A full description of WFD classification for freshwaters, including chemical standards and with references to supporting documents, can be found at

Details of River Basin Management in Northern Ireland can be found at

The Environmental Change Network includes sites for Northern Ireland, and long term data sets can be accessed via this website.

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