Guidance on the information required in a Drainage Plan

Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) requires a detailed site drainage plan to be submitted with certain planning applications involving the following sectors and activities:

  • commercial
  • agricultural
  • end of life vehicles
  • refuelling
  • vehicle washing
  • industrial
  • extractive industry
  • energy and waste management related activities
  • kennels

Any unusual or novel proposal should also be accompanied by a detailed drainage plan.

A drainage plan should clearly illustrate the following (where applicable):

  • the site’s storm drainage
  • foul sewers
  • any combined drainage systems
  • any dirty water storage facilities
  • slurry tanks;
  • detail where all drainage discharges to
  • silt traps/oil interceptors and any other drainage infrastructure incorporated into the sites drainage system
  • areas of hard standing (impermeable surfaces)
  • storage areas e.g. un-depolluted and depolluted vehicles.



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