Moving GB seed potatoes to Northern Ireland under the NIPHL Scheme

When the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) on 1st January 2021 movement of GB (Scotland, England and Wales) seed potatoes was prohibited.

The Windsor Framework agreement between the UK and the EU in February 2023 removes this prohibition and allows GB seed potatoes, that meet the Seed Certification and Marketing requirements, to be moved into Northern Ireland (NI) from 1st October 2023.

The NI Plant Health Label (NIPHL) Scheme stipulates requirements for the movement of Seed Potatoes from GB to NI:

  1. The movement of the consignment is between an Authorised Professional Operator in GB registered with Defra and a Professional Operator in Northern Ireland registered with DAERA.
  2. Each marketable consignment of Seed Potatoes must have a NIPHL attached. The information on the NIPHL must include the botanical name of potatoes, the producer’s registration number, a traceability code such as the Crop Number and a QR code or compliance statement.

Receiving seed potatoes from GB to Northern Ireland:

  • Potato growers currently registered as Professional Operators with DAERA, who wish to receive and plant GB seed potatoes must sign a declaration that they agree to abide by the rules and conditions of the NIPHL Scheme.
  • The business (or their agent) receiving the NIPHL consignment in Northern Ireland must notify details of the consignment to DAERA in Northern Ireland in advance by submitting a CHED-PP on TRACES NT. Read guidance on how to register for TRACES NT and create a CHED-PP. This will provide DAERA with details needed to conduct relevant documentary, ID and physical processes on arrival at an SPS Facility in Northern Ireland. In addition, the information required on the CHED Part 1: the Variety, Union Grade and Crop Number of the lot must be included.
  • GB seed potatoes moved to NI must only be planted in Northern Ireland. They must not be moved to a Member State, including the Republic of Ireland (ROI).
  • Professional operators in Northern Ireland will be required to keep records of NIPHLs received, including the traceability code on the NIPHL, for a minimum of three years.
  • GB seed can be used to grow ware or seed crops provided the seed is planted in NI. Crops grown in Northern Ireland with GB seed can avail of the seed certification and marketing scheme for marketing outside NI.

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This page has been published to provide information on the new Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme and the NI Plant Health Label Scheme. Please note that information not related to NIRMS or NIPHL on this page is currently under review.

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