Movement of used agricultural and forestry machinery and vehicles under the NIPHL Scheme

Used Agricultural and Forestry Machinery moving from GB to NI must be washed and clean, internally and externally, to ensure there is no risk of transporting quarantine organisms or pathogens.

There are two options available for the movement of Used Agricultural and Forestry Machinery (UAFM) from GB to NI.

This page provides guidance on moving UAFM from GB to NI under the Northern Ireland Plant Health Label (NIPHL) Scheme. 

The NIPHL Scheme can be used where the UAFM is destined for NI. That is, it is intended for use by, or sale to, an end consumer in NI.

NIPHL Simplified User Pathway

NI Businesses moving UAFM from GB to NI must ensure they:

Simplified User Pathway - Moving UAFM under NIPHL Scheme Steps 1-3

1. Register with DAERA as a Professional Operator (Note: You must have a business address in Northern Ireland). GB suppliers can only move machinery to businesses that are registered.

2. Professional Operators registered with DAERA, intending to receive NIPHL consignments must sign a NIPHL declaration to comply with the rules and conditions of the Scheme.

3. Register on TRACES.NT

Prior to moving goods to NI:

Simplified User Pathway - Moving UAFM under NIPHL Scheme Steps 4-6

4. NIPHL issued by the GB Registered Authorised Operator, who provides consignment and transportation details to the NI Professional Operator.

5. Pre-notify DAERA by completing a Common Health Entry Document for Plant Products (CHEDPP) on TRACES.NT.

• provide at least 4 hours advance notice of the arrival of consignment.

•the NIPHL must be attached to the CHEDPP.

• CHEDPP must include details of transport, including the vehicle registration number or trailer number along with the NI Port of arrival and the time the consignment is expected to arrive in NI.

6. A valid NIPHL must be attached to each individual object being moved.

Prior to arrival in Northern Ireland:

Simplified User Pathway - Moving UAFM under NIPHL Scheme Steps 7-8

7. DAERA will conduct 100% documentary checks remotely on CHED PPs.

8. NI Trader checks Goods Movement Reference (GMR) status through the Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS) prior to disembarkation.

Upon arrival in Northern Ireland:

9. Report to SPS Inspection Facility if notified of requirement for inspection (If GVMS does not flag the requirement for DAERA inspection, please proceed with your onward journey).

Goods move to final destination in NI as stated on CHEDPP:

The consignment must be for use in NI or for sale to an end consumer in NI. Professional operators in NI will be required to keep appropriate records. Random post movement assurance checks may be completed to verify compliance with scheme rules.


Where UAFM has a destination in the EU/ROI, and is just transiting NI, full Official Controls Regulations (OCR) rules apply and a phytosanitary certificate is required. Further information is available on the Used Agricultural & Forestry Machinery and Plants and Plant Products page.

The types of used agricultural and forestry machinery and vehicles requiring plant health controls are available in COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2019/2072 and are as follows:

Agricultural, horticultural or forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation already having been operated; lawn or sports - ground rollers – already operated:

  • Ploughs: ex 8432 10 00
  • Harrows, scarifiers, cultivators, weeders and hoes: ex 8432 21 00 ex 8432 29 10 ex 8432 29 30 ex 8432 29 50 ex 8432 29 90
  • Seeders, planters and transplanters: ex 8432 31 00 ex 8432 39 11 ex 8432 39 19 ex 8432 39 90
  • Manure spreaders and fertiliser distributors: ex 8432 41 00 ex 8432 42 00
  • Other machinery: ex 8432 80 00
  • Parts: ex 8432 90 00

Harvesting or threshing machinery, including straw or fodder balers; grass or hay mowers; machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other agricultural produce, other than machinery of heading 8437 – already operated:

  • Straw or fodder balers, including pick-up balers: ex 8433 40 00
  • Combine harvesters-threshers: ex 8433 51 00
  • Root or tuber harvesting machines: ex 8433 53 10 ex 8433 53 30 ex 8433 53 90

Other agricultural, horticultural, forestry, poultry-keeping or bee-keeping machinery, including germination plant fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment; poultry incubators and brooders – already operated:

  • Forestry machinery: ex 8436 80 10

Tractors (other than tractors of heading 8709) – already operated:

  • Road tractors for semi-trailers: ex 8701 20 90 – Other than single axle tractors, road tractors or track-laying tractors:
  • Agricultural tractors and forestry tractors, wheeled: ex 8701 91 10 ex 8701 92 10 ex 8701 93 10 ex 8701 94 10 ex 8701 95 10

Specific queries should be forwarded to

While not all machinery types are listed under plant health controls, DAERA Portal require all used machinery and vehicles to be clean and free from soil and plant debris on arrival in NI.

This page has been published to provide information on the new Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme and the NI Plant Health Label Scheme. Please note that information not related to NIRMS or NIPHL on this page is currently under review.

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