Nature Reserves in County Fermanagh

There are many nature reserves on Forest Service land in County Fermanagh.

Castle Archdale Forest (Nature Reserve)

The reserve consists of three islands, Iniskmahill, Cleenishmeen and Cleenishgarve which provide examples of relatively undisturbed mixed deciduous woodland on glacial drift in the Lower Lough Erne basin.

Map reference: H158588, 4 miles W of Irvinestown.
Hectares: 39
Map reference: H148607
Hectares: 1.6
Map reference H155603
Hectares: 12
Native woodland on drift soils
Access only possible Spring and summer 

Castlecaldwell Forest (Nature Reserve)

The reserve is an outstanding example of the development of a swamp/fen/carr complex in response to the changes to the water levels in Lower Lough Erne. There is a high degree of diversity both floristically and in terms of habitat.

Map reference: H020600, 5 miles E of Belleek
Hectares: 7
Developing swamp/fen/carr
Access by path from public road to west
Spring and summer

Correl Glen Forest (Nature Reserve)

The reserve consists of a series of small escarpments supporting mixed deciduous woodland on the scarp slopes and heath communities on the dip slopes. The northerly aspect and damp climate have also encouraged a rich bryophyte growth. The rare purple hairstreak butterfly has been recorded.

Map reference: H080544, 3 miles NW of Derrygonnelly
Hectares: 41
Mixed deciduous woodland
Access by path from public road
Spring and summer 

Marble Arch (Nature Reserve)

The wood is a fine example of the wetter facies of ashwood. While ash is the dominant species over much of the reserve there are also areas of oak and beech. Hazel coppice forms an understorey in many places.

Map reference: H123350, 9 miles SW of Enniskillen
Hectares: 24
Wooded gorge in limestone
Access by path from public road to north east
Spring and summer 

Hanging Rock and Rossaa Forest (Nature Reserve)

The reserve forms a fine example of a dry ashwood on carboniferous rocks. Other hardwoods also occur and the conditions favour a rich growth of bryophytes.

Map reference: H105365, 10 miles SW of Enniskillen
Hectares: 15
Access by track from public road north
Spring and summer


Ross Lough (Nature Reserve)

Ross Lough has a swamp and fen shoreline typical of County Fermanagh. The lake lowering after the Sillees drainage scheme has increased its variety of habitats - there is open water, swamp, fen and wet meadow.

A small wooded crannog can be reached in abnormally dry periods only. The area is completely flooded in the winter; the only trees which can withstand these wet conditions are alder and willow.



Map reference: H 143467
Hectares: 9
Lake, wetland
There are no visitor facilities or parking

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