Scoping a new forestry plan for West Tyrone forests and woodland

The scoping stage of forestry planning is intended to enable you, and other stakeholders, to become involved, at the outset, in the process of developing a plan for the promotion of afforestation and sustainable forestry in the West Tyrone Planning Area.

Forestry Plans help us shape the future aims and benefits we obtain from our forests. It is important that plans are reviewed from time to time to ensure that they are up to date and continue to meet the diverse and sometimes competing needs of people, wildlife and industry.

The plan will be focused on the management of Forest Service forests, and is intended that it will also consider management of forests and woodland managed by others.

Invitation to express your views and opinions in relation to any of the forestry planning opportunities was presented in the downloadable scoping document for West Tyrone Forestry Planning Area forests and woodland.

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