Summary of Area-based Schemes for 2022

The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs offers several payments to farm businesses based on the land that they farm, or actions they take on their land. These payments are called ‘Area-based Schemes’ (ABS). ABS represent the largest payments made to farm businesses in Northern Ireland each year and play a key role in contributing to the Northern Ireland rural economy.

ABS payments are made annually and must be applied for on the Single Application Form, which can be accessed here:

You can apply for the following schemes via the Single Application:

You can also claim payment for the following schemes via the Single Application:

The following schemes are closed for new applicants. However, customers with existing 30 or 40 year agreements can claim for payment on these schemes via their Single Application in 2022:

  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme
  • Farm Woodland Scheme
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