TB Eradication Partnership (TBEP) appointment information

The TBEP currently has a chair and 5 members who represent key agricultural stakeholder sectors.

In carrying out its advisory role, the TBEP takes full account of policies and strategies approved by the Minister and DAERA.

Name Sector Date of First Appointment Expiry of Appointment
Mr Seán Hogan OBE Chair 01/06/2018 31/12/2023
Mr Seamus O’Kane Veterinary 01/06/2018 31/12/2023
Mr Adrian Patterson Farming 01/06/2018 31/12/2023
Dr Michael Meharg Environmental / conservation 01/02/2020 31/12/2023
Dr Sam Strain Scientific 01/06/2018 31/12/2023
Mr David Rea Farming 01/06/2018 31/12/2023
Length of each term of appointment   Chair – 1 year, subject to extension
Members – 1 year, subject to extension
Remuneration Chair – £350 per day
Members – £250 per day
Workload Chair – Approximately 12 days per annum
Members – Approximately 12 days per annum
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