Widely Spread Species Management Measures

Management Measures for Widely Spread Species

EU Regulation1143/2014 classifies 'Widely Spread Species’ as an invasive alien species whose population has gone beyond the naturalisation stage, in which a population is self-sustaining, and has spread to colonise a large part of the potential range where it can survive and reproduce.

Article 19 of EU Regulation 1143/2014 requires Member States to produce effective management measures for each of the selected Widely Spread Species.

Within 18 months of an invasive alien species being included on the Union list, Member States shall have in place effective management measures for those invasive alien Species of Union concern which the Member States have found to be widely spread on their territory, so that their impact on biodiversity, the related ecosystem services, and, where applicable, on human health or the economy are minimised.

The 11 classified Widely Spread Species in Northern Ireland and their associated management measures are listed here, they consist of 8 plants and 3 animals.

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