Consultation opened on 26 April 2018. Closing date 24 May 2018.


Felling of Sitka spruce for re-establishment of Hazel, Holly, Thorn


Consultation description

File Reference: FL2017/18-46
Name of Woodland: Lackagh Road Wood
Location: Lackagh, Donemana
Grid Reference: C478 060
Felling Plan area: 1.16ha
Species: Sitka spruce
Re-establishment Plan Area: 1.16ha
Species: Hazel, Holly, Thorn

Further information may be obtained by contacting Policy and Regulation Branch at 028 6634 3165 or by emailing

Any person wishing to comment on the above proposal may do so in writing by the 24/05/2018 at the address below or by emailing

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