Consultation opened on 04 December 2020. Closing date 26 February 2021.


This consultation seeks your views about the draft Revised National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (Revised Pesticide National Action Plan). It has been developed jointly by DAERA, Defra and the Welsh and Scottish Governments and represents a shared ambition for the sustainable use of pesticides across the UK.

Consultation description

This consultation closed on 26 February 2021. 38,500 responses were received to this consultation and these are detailed in the Summary of Responses document available at

The consultation responses are being used to inform the revised National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides. The aim is to publish the revised plan later in 2021.

The documents relating to this consultation are available from the Defra website and can also be accessed below.

NAP Consultation letter

NAP Consultation document

2013 UK National Action Plan for the sustainable use of pesticides

The Revised Pesticide National Action Plan is a five-year plan aiming to minimise the risks and impacts of pesticides to human health and the environment, while ensuring pests and pesticide resistance are managed effectively. It also aims to support all users of pesticides to increase uptake of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and to develop sustainable crop protection, amenity management, and garden pest control. The Revised Pesticide National Action Plan has been prepared with the input of a range of key stakeholders however we want to further consider the views of pesticide users, pesticide related industries (including food retail and manufacture), environmental and public health groups, and the general public in an effort to move forward together on issues surrounding pesticides.

For consultation management, Defra will act as the main point of contact, but they will be working closely with DAERA and the other Devolved Administrations throughout.

This consultation is held on the Defra website.

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