Dernish Island ASSI

Protected area type: Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Feature type: 
  • Species
  • Fermanagh
Council: Fermanagh and Omagh
Guidance and literature: Dernish Island ASSI

The site was declared because of its wetland flora and fauna.

The vegetation on and around the island is very diverse, with well-developed areas of swamp and fen. Stands of common reed and bulrush at the water's edge give way to a fen zone which is particularly rich in sedge species- Lesser tussock sedge, bottle sedge and bladder sedge are dominant. Other species occurring include water parsnip, flowering rush, creeping Jenny and marsh stitchwort.

The grassland behind the fen zone is also rich in plant species such as quaking grass and a number of smaller sedge species such as carnation sedge, glaucous sedge and flea sedge. The island also supports a high density of breeding waders. Species include lapwing, curlew, redshank and snipe. Other breeding birds of note include great crested grebe, mallard and shoveler. 

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