Under the Pollution Prevention & Control (Industrial Emissions) Regulations (NI) 2013, there are provisions which affect operators of mobile plant who wish to crush/grind the following, and for the screening of:

  • construction and demolition materials, e.g. bricks, tiles or concrete (part C activity)
  • designated minerals and mineral products, e.g. rock, sand/ gravel etc (part B activity).

These provisions mean that the operators of mobile plant are required to hold two permits if they carry out both the activities:

  1. A permit from the Chief Inspector of the NIEA for the part B activity, i.e. the crushing and screening mineral and mineral products,
  2. A permit from the district council for the part C activity, i.e. the crushing/grinding and screening of bricks, tiles or concrete. 

Since the Mobile Crushing Direction of 2019 (PDF below) came into operation, the operators of mobile plant have the option to instead apply for just one permit to cover both the part B and part C activities.

The joint permit would be issued by the Chief Inspector of the NIEA.

The operators of mobile plant are still allowed to apply for the two separate permits in the previous way, if they wish.

An operator carrying out only the part C activities still requires a permit from their district council. 

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