Animal products & Animal by Products exports

The requirements for exporting Animal products and Animal by Products (ABP) vary depending on the category/type of product/ABP and where are you are exporting it to. When you have determined what (if any) certification is required you can find details on how to apply for the required export certificates below.

Before you start

Exports to European Union (EU) Member States (excluding manure to the ROI)

Please note that if you are intending to export Category 1 or 2 Animal By Products, you must obtain written approval from the importing EU Member State, before you begin the export process. If you need an Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC) to export your animal product/ABP to an EU Member State you can obtain one by following the steps below.

Exporting animal products to GB and animal products and ABP to countries outside the EU, also - 

Exporting manure to the ROI

If you need an Export Health Certificate (EHC) to export your animal product/ABP you can obtain one by following the steps below:

Prior to starting your application on the DAERA Export Certification Online system (DECOL) you will need to have completed the EHC application and any supporting documents ready for upload.

You can obtain the EHC application via the Defra form finder.  Guidance on using the tool is available in the DECOL exporter’s instructions at the link below:

PDF EHC applications for export of manure to the ROI are available at the link below:

If you need digital help to complete an application for an Export Health Certificate (EHC) please contact your regional DAERA Direct Office for assistance.

If there is insufficient space on the EHC application to record full product details you need to complete a schedule and submit this with your application.   The schedule and instructions for completion are available using the link below:

Exporters should review the Notes for Guidance for each certificate (available via the Defra Form Finder) to ascertain if import permits or importing authority approvals are also required.  Where they are these should be obtained from the importing authorities prior to applying for an EHC and uploaded along with all other application documents via DECOL.

Exporters should complete a nominate Authorised Veterinary Inspector (AVI) template and submit this with their application.  All export documentation will be issued directly to the nominated AVI once we have processed the application.

Exporting via TRACES

If you are exporting the following commodities, certification is issued via the EU TRACES system 

  • Chile – blood products
  • Canada – pet food

To apply for certification for these commodities, please follow the steps below:

Exporters NOT registered on TRACES system:

  • Complete the Export of Animal Products TRACES application form.
  • Once completed, your application form must be uploaded onto DECOL using the YES flow, along with other relevant supporting documentation. Please enter 0000 when prompted to insert a 4 digit Form Reference Number.

Exporters who are already registered on TRACES system:

  • Sign into TRACES(external link opens in a new window / tab). Complete the details of the meat products you are exporting. 
  • Download a copy of the completed TRACES document and upload this, using the YES flow, to DECOL.
  • Please enter the unique serial number of your TRACES application onto DECOL when prompted for an exporter reference number and 0000 when prompted to insert a 4 digit Form Reference number.

Please note you are not required to complete and upload an EHC pdf application to DECOL for certification issued on the TRACES system.  A completed TRACES document or TRACES application form (See link above) should be uploaded instead.

Start your Export Health Certificate Application

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