Animal Inventory Returns

2022 Annual Inventory for Sheep and Goats

The Sheep & Goats (Records, Identification and Movements) Order (Northern Ireland) 2009

The Annual Sheep and Goat inventories are now due for completion.

The completion of an inventory is required by law. You are required to provide details of sheep and goats on your holding between 1st and 5th December 2022 and submit an inventory return to DAERA by 30th December 2022 using one of the options below.

There are 2 online options available for submitting your Inventory return to DAERA:

Option 1

If you are registered for DAERA Online Services (DOLS) and have access to APHIS Online (AOL), you can complete your return as normal at

Option 2

You can use the relevant “Snapsurvey” link below

If you are registered with DAERA as a keeper of sheep or goats, you should have received a letter containing a unique code. To use the “snapsurvey” links below, you will need this code along with your flock number to complete your Inventory. (If you are completing your inventory using APHIS Online (AOL), the unique code will not be required).

To complete your Sheep Inventory using the Sheep “Snapsurvey”, enter your flock number and the unique code from your letter at

To complete your Goat Inventory using the Goat “Snapsurvey”, enter your herd number and the unique code from your letter at

If you keep both sheep and goats, you must make a separate return for each species.

You must also record the details of the inventory in your on-farm Flock / Herd Register. Failure to do so may result in a financial penalty being applied to your direct agricultural support payment if your flock or herd is selected for a Cross-Compliance or Sheep / Goats’ Identification Inspection. You should also be aware that if you fail to submit your Annual Inventory, this will increase the possibility of your flock or herd being selected for an Identification Inspection.

If you have any difficulty submitting your return online or wish to get assistance please call your local DAERA Direct Office at 0300 200 7840 or email

Further Contacts

Once your Inventory returns are completed we will validate the information and may follow up with a call to confirm some details.

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