Ballymaclary Nature Reserve

Nature reserves are chosen from among the very best examples of our wildlife, habitats and geology. They contain a wide range of species, communities and geology and their designation is a public recognition by Government of their importance.


Grid Reference C700365


This reserve contains some dune slack communities, which are few in number in Northern Ireland. There is one particular moss, Rhytidium rugosom, which flourishes in these dunes that has not been found anywhere else in Ireland.

Low lying dune slacks periodically flooded in winter have a rich and varied range of summer flowering plants, including large numbers of the otherwise rare marsh helleborine.

Management activities include grazing and scrub cutting. Around Ballymaclary the shoreline is currently eroding but this is part of the overall cycling of sediments in the Magilligan/Tunns Bank system.

Ballymaclary Nature Reserve is entirely within a danger zone on MoD property and therefore is not normally accessible by the general public.


None. Access can only be arranged through the Site manager.For further details contact Roe Valley Country Park Tel. 028 7772 1925.

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