Turmennan Fen Nature Reserve

Nature reserves are chosen from among the very best examples of our wildlife, habitats and geology. They contain a wide range of species, communities and geology and their designation is a public recognition by Government of their importance.


Area: 14.83 hectares
Grid reference: J 485503
Date designated:19/05/99


Close to the Quoile basin lies an area of reasonably undisturbed wet fenland that is rich in both plant and invertebrate species.

On the outer edge of the reserve a variety of water loving plants like ragged robin, marsh pennywort and water horsetail thrive in the surface peat layer. Under these lie a carpet of both sphagnum and brown mosses.

As you approach the centre of Turmennan it becomes a swamp where plant species such as water mint and marsh cinquefoil abound. The reserve also contains a number of rare plants including floating club-rush and least bur - reed. You may also see floating mats of bogbean and 'soakways' containing marsh St John's-wort.

Between May and August four-spotted chaser dragonflies and large red, variable and azure damselflies can be seen flitting around the small pools.
On or under the surface, pond skaters and water beetles dart around.
Up to 39 species of water beetle, some of them quite rare, have been recorded on this site in the past.  


The reserve is not suitable for unguided access and could be easily damaged by excessive trampling.

Contact the Site manager at the Quoile Countryside Centre Tel: 028 4461 5520.

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