Common Health Entry Document Operator Portal (CHOP) Registration Process

An integral part of the Windsor Framework is the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme (NIRMS) which is due to be implemented on 1st Oct 2023. This will replace the existing STAMNI scheme and will facilitate the movement of food for final consumption in NI from GB.

In preparation for this change, DAERA have developed a new database called CHOP (CHED Operator Portal). Traders currently moving goods from GB to NI will be familiar with CHED terminology - Common Health Entry Document which is the prenotification process on TRACESNT for consignments of SPS goods entering NI from GB.

CHOP has been designed specifically for the benefit of NI Traders to ease the movement of SPS goods between GB and NI. In relation to the NI Retail Movement Scheme it will offer significant benefits including the streamlining of:

  • Monitoring consignment status
  • Completion of channelling returns
  • Large document/photo uploads

All these are accessible without the need to go directly to TRACESNT.

Future enhancements are planned that will further streamline pre-notification processes.

CHOP registration will immediately bring benefits to NI traders using the NI Retail Movement Scheme and potentially traders moving SPS consignments between GB and NI outside the scheme in the future.

Who needs to register?

The person creating the CHED must register for CHOP. This could be the NI importer, agent and/or haulier. Only one person from each company needs to sign up to CHOP initially and they can then add more people from within their organisation when registered.

How can a Trader register?

Please send an email to: providing the details outlined below to facilitate registration:

  • Company Name
  • The email address used to create your existing Government Gateway account. Current UKGOV Guidance on creating a Government Gateway account is available here.
  • One unique Company Identifier as per current TRACESNT operator record, for example: (please specify which you are using)
    • National Company Number
    • Vat Number
    • EORI Number
    • Operator Internal Activity ID
    • Operator Activity ID
    • National Registry Number
  • An email address which will be used to send CHED related communications to (channelling etc).

Once this is received and your information has been processed by DAERA you will be sent a confirmation email which will enable you to sign into CHOP here.

Once signed in the CHOP user guide will be available on the CHOP home page and can be accessed here.

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