Nutrient Management Plan

Guidance on the information required in a Nutrient management Plan

For each field where manure/slurry/litter is to be applied, the following must be provided:

  • Full Field Identification numbers, field area (Hectares) and DAERA Farm Map
  • Crop to be grown and previous crop grown
  • Soil type and Soil Nitrogen Supply Index
  • Valid Soil Nutrient Analysis (including Phosphorus)
  • A manure/litter/slurry application map showing where applications can take place and where they should be avoided
  • Details of all other organic manures/slurries/wastes and chemical fertiliser to be used on the fields
  • Details of all imports and exports of organic manure including manure/slurry/litter

Please note, applicant should keep all records for five years.

Important Information for the NIPP Case Officer

All information supplied relating to the utilisation of manure/slurry/litter for NIEA’s consideration must be un-redacted (including signatures). This includes all:

  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Contractual Agreements
  • Confirmation from Teagasc,  EPA or equivalent.

All un-redacted information can be e-mailed to

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