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Forest Research (FR) is the research agency of the Forestry Commission (FC) and Great Britain’s principal organisation for forestry and tree-related research. FR is internationally renowned for the provision of science, research, evidence, data and services in support of sustainable forestry.

FR produce a wide range of information in support of sustainable forest management in Britain. Publications are organised by category in the filtered search. The catalogue includes the FC publication library and archive as well as Forest Research articles and guidance.

All FR publications and research (link to FR site)

Forest Research Publications highlight list

Scenario analysis : exploring future woodland use and ecosystem services delivery

Quantifying the Sustainable Forestry Carbon Cycle

Forestry Facts & Figures 2021

Carbon storage and substitution benefits of harvested wood products

Ecological implications of oak decline in Great Britain

Carbon balance of Northern Ireland Forest Service forest on deep peat

Opportunity mapping for woodland creation to reduce flood risk

Climate Change Factsheet Series

Forest Research Launches Climate Change Factsheet Series - Forest Research
The first four factsheets were published on 28 January 2021:

  • How woodlands and forests affect the climate
  • How forestry can help reduce flooding
  • The role of forest-to-bog restoration in reducing carbon emissions
  • How biodiversity can help woodlands in a changing climate

Climate Change Factsheets Set Two Published - Forest Research
A second set of four factsheets were published on 7 June 2021 and cover:

  • Tree diseases
  • Diseases of tree foliage
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Human behaviours
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