The Forest Service manages 75,000 hectares of forest land on behalf of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. Forests are managed in a sustainable way, to provide a balance of social, environmental and economic benefits for the people in Northern Ireland.

Forestry Planning facilitates the delivery of the many different services our forests and woodlands provide, such as sustainable wood production, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and recreational opportunities. Reviewing forest plans from time to time ensures that they are up to date and ensures that forests can continue to meet the diverse and sometimes competing needs of people, wildlife, and wood processing industries.

Forestry Planning Storymaps

Forest Service will be sharing reviewed plans with stakeholders using Storymap. This online platform allows the sharing of maps and text to demonstrate the factors that influence planning decisions and potential outcomes and to show how stakeholder views have been considered.

Click this link to visit the Forestry Planning Storymaps page.

Forest Plans


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