The Forest Service manages 75,000 hectares of forest land on behalf of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. Forests are managed in a sustainable way, to provide a balance of social, environmental and economic benefits for the people in Northern Ireland.

Forestry Planning facilitates the delivery of the many different services our forests and woodlands provide, such as sustainable wood production, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and recreational opportunities. Reviewing forest plans from time to time ensures that they are up to date and ensures that forests can continue to meet the diverse and sometimes competing needs of people, wildlife, and wood processing industries.

Forestry Planning Process

For the purposes of forestry planning Northern Ireland is divided into eight Forestry Planning Areas, FPAs.  As part of the review of forest plans for each FPA three documents are published. 

Firstly, a scoping document is published for public consultation. This outlines the opportunities, outcomes and benefits that can result from the planning review.

Secondly, ‘What people told us’ is published; this is a  summary of stakeholder comments received.

Thirdly, the agreed plans are published as an interactive experience. Each one is a combination of interactive maps, images and informative text, designed to give you a clearer understanding of how our forests are managed.

More information in relation to forestry planning can be viewed via the following links.

Published information in relation to each FPA can be viewed via the links below.

Sperrin Forestry Planning Area

Antrim Forestry Planning Area

North West Forestry Planning Area

West Tyrone Forestry Planning Area

East Fermanagh / East Tyrone Forestry planning Area

Armagh Forestry Planning Area

West Fermanagh Forestry Planning Area

Down Forestry Planning Area

Forestry Planning interactive maps

Forest Landscape Design


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