A Green Growth Strategy for Northern Ireland - Balancing our climate, environment and economy

The Green Growth Strategy is the Northern Ireland Executive’s multi-decade strategy, balancing climate, environment and the economy in Northern Ireland. It sets out the long-term vision and a solid framework for tackling the climate crisis in the right way.

You can view the draft Green Growth Strategy here.

It will be delivered through a series of Climate Action Plans, which will set out the actions to meet sector-specific greenhouse gas emission targets leading to a cleaner environment, more efficient use of our resources within a circular economy and green jobs. The first Climate Action Plan will be launched in 2022.

What is Green Growth?

Green Growth means using the move from a high to a low greenhouse gas emissions economy to improve people’s quality of life through green jobs and a clean environment. Green Growth means recognising and accepting the impact we have on our planet and doing something about it.

Green Growth is an opportunity to kick-start Northern Ireland’s recovery following the Covid-19 crisis while ensuring that the environment around us continues to provide the resources on which we all rely.

The focus of Green Growth is ensuring that our natural assets can deliver their full economic potential on a sustainable basis. Our climate and environment affect all of us and we all need to take individual responsibility and consider how our own actions impact the environment.

Balancing climate, environment and green jobs

Green Growth is about more than just climate targets.  It also considers the wider environment as well as green jobs. Northern Ireland’s environment is one of its most important assets. Clean air, good quality water and the green and blue spaces are part of our ‘natural capital’.

Climate Action

This means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero, or as close to zero as possible and offsetting any remaining emissions by increasing the ability of environment to capture carbon (e.g. through forestry). The UK Government has committed to Net Zero by 2050.

Green Jobs

Green jobs means developing a low carbon, skilled workforce with more people working in jobs that contribute to climate action and a clean environment. We should support those with barriers to work to upskill and move towards the green economy through an inclusive skills strategy.

Clean Environment

Clean environment means clear air and water, more sustainable land use; improved habitats and greater biodiversity.

Read the draft Green Growth Strategy - Click here.

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