Balai animals are types of animals covered by Council Directive 92/65 which sets out the conditions applicable to moving these types of animals throughout the EU. The types of animals covered by the Balai directive include elephants, alpacas, zebras, bees, and exotic species of birds.

Import of Balai animals from GB

A specific import licence may be required to import such animals and birds from GB and the licence conditions will vary depending on the type of animal or bird you wish to import.

In all cases the premises from which the animal is moving and the premises that it is moving to must be either Balai registered or approved.

A registered premises can be, for example, a breeder registered with their local authority or the competent authority in the country of origin.

An approved premises must meet the more stringent bio-security requirements and be approved by the competent authority of the country of origin. The main requirements are that the site must:

  • have clear boundaries between itself and the surrounding area; in order to avoid a healthrisk
  • be able to catch, confine and isolate animals
  • have adequate quarantine facilities for isolation and testing animals coming from non-approved sources
  • be disease free
  • keep records of age, sex, species, blood tests, and diseases
  • have an appropriate facility for post-mortems
  • be able to dispose of carcasses safely
  • employ a vet who is approved by the competent veterinary service

For more information on importing a balai animal please contact: (VS Trade Section telephone: 028 9052 0989 or e-mail: or complete an application form for importing live animals from GB.

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