Importing Semen, Oocytes and Embryos from Great Britain

This page provides information on the import conditions which have applied since 1 January 2021 for germinal products entering Northern Ireland(NI) from Great Britain(GB). It also provides documents which will help to make sure you have all the required import paperwork. Any genetic materials moving from GB to NI will require an EU Export Health Certificate (EHC) instead of the previously used GB to NI EHCs. A general import licencing arrangement applies to germinal products of bovine animals and a specific import licencing arrangement applies to germinal products of porcine animals entering NI from GB

As a result of the confirmed cases of BTV-3 in England, moves of all live ruminants from GB to NI are still suspended. 

The movement of livestock from GB to NI can recommence when GB recovers their EU recognised disease-free status for Bluetongue.  The minimum period required before disease free status can be granted by the EU is two years from the date of the last positive case. 

This period may be reduced should an approved vaccine become available for BTV-3.  Moves may also be permitted sooner should regionalisation for BTV be pursued by GB with approval granted by the EU.  However, regionalisation will not be pursued at this juncture.

The eligibility for import into NI of germinal products is linked to the date and period of collection / processing in GB.  Eligibility criteria are contained within the Export Health Certificate attestations. 

Further details on the impact on trade including moves of germinal products can be accessed here.

Please contact DAERA Trade Imports - should you require further information.  

Updates regarding the suspension will be published on the DAERA Website here

1. General Guidance and useful links

2. Triangular Trade guidance on germinal products

3. Available Export Health Certificates (EHC)

1. General Guidance and useful links

Port of Entry: Consignments may only enter via Larne Port, Belfast Port, Warrenpoint Port Belfast International Airport,

Pre-Notification: Consignments must be pre-notified to DAERA at the Point of Entry on TRACES-NT using a CHED-P. The importer or person responsible for the consignment must be registered on TRACES NT before the import can take place. Guidance on TRACES NT registration, pre-notification and CHED P completion can be found at this link. Pre-notification on TRACES NT must be completed at least 24 hours before arrival.

EU Legislation: Animal Health Law

EU Guidance:

Northern Ireland Online Tariff: Look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates - GOV.UK (

2. Triangular Trade guidance on germinal products

Triangular trade is when a product is imported from one country (a third country or an EU country) into Great Britain (GB) and re-exported to Northern Ireland (NI).

Where germinal products have originated outside GB and are onwards moved into NI or the EU, they must have entered GB under certified conditions at least equivalent to the EU entry conditions. This includes requirements such as:

  • Country listings for eligibility
  • Certificatin requirements in line with date collected/stored/produced
  • Establishment listings in line with date cllected/stored/produced

The original(s) of those import document(s) or those certificate(s) or the officially endorsed copies thereof must- be attached to the EU entry certificate when these products are moved from GB to NI/EU.

3. Available Export Health Certificates (EHC)

There are several available types of import movements from GB linked to germinal products , depending on:

  • Species
  • Type of product
  • Date of collection/production

An overview of all available EHCs is listed below or can be accessed via the GB website here

The necessary health certificate and the conditions therein as well as their Guidance Notes required for export from GB to NI can be viewed by clicking the relevant link below;

3.1 Germinal Products of Bovine Animals

3.2 Germinal Products of Ovine & Caprine Animals

3.3 Germinal Products of Canine Animals

3.4 Germinal Products of Equine Animals

3.5 Germinal Products of Porcine Animals

3.6 Germinal Products of Terrestrial Animals kept at confined Establishments

3.7 Other Species

3.1 Germinal Products of Bovine Animals

Please note- Fresh/Frozen Bovine Semen – The Import of Fresh/Frozen Bovine Semen from GB is subject to the conditions set out in the General Import Licence available here

3.2 Germinal Products of Ovine & Caprine Animals

3.3 Germinal Products of Canine Animals

3.4 Germinal Products of Equine Animals

3.5 Germinal Products of Porcine Animals

Please note - Porcine Semen - You must apply to DAERA Trade Imports Section via  (028 90 524588) at least 10 working days in advance of your intended date of import to obtain a Specific import licence permitting you to import porcine semen from Great Britain. The application form is available here

3.6 Germinal Products of Terrestrial Animals kept at confined Establishments

3.7 Other species

Guidance on germinal products of other species, not already mentioned, is available here:

Other terrestrial animals - European Commission (

Should you have any further queries, or are unable to locate the correct EHC, DAERA Trade Imports can be contacted, or alternatively, APHA in GB via Contact APHA - GOV.UK (



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