Return of NI cattle, sheep and goats from approved show or sale in GB

A new Export Health Certificate (EHC) is now available which permits, subject to certain conditions, the return to Northern Ireland (NI) of cattle, sheep and goats which originate in NI and are moved to Great Britain (GB) for an approved show or sale

A case of Bluetongue has been detected in a bovine animal in Kent. This disease incursion has resulted in the current cessation of all imports of animals from GB to NI.

This block on imports has implications for animals travelling from NI to GB for export sales. As such use of EHC 8462 is currently suspended for GB to NI.

Currently export sales in GB will be run as domestic market only as GB cannot export live animals to the EU. Potential exhibitors should make note of this change. (Exports of live animals directly from NI remain unaffected).

As animals cannot be re-imported to NI from GB currently any animals attending a sale will NOT be able to return if unsold.



To use the EHC the following is required:

  • Show or sale must be approved and operate in accordance with EU Export Assembly Rules (APHA approval guidelines).
  • Segregation of NI animals must be maintained throughout the show/sale and comply with all relevant requirements for entry into the Union. TB testing for cattle and Brucella ovis testing for uncastrated male sheep is to be conducted in NI, as part of the requirements for the export health certificate to GB before movement to the show/sale in GB.
  • Cattle, sheep or goats are moved directly from the establishment of origin in NI to the approved establishment in GB.
  • Cattle, sheep or goats have no contact with animals of a lower health status from the loading for dispatch to GB, for the duration of the event until loading for dispatch to NI, and transport to their premises of destination in NI.

Entry requirements for NI animals attending approved show/sale

All NI origin animals entering the approved show or sale must be accompanied by the relevant export health certificate, which can be obtained from your private Authorised Veterinary Inspector.

For sheep and goats, an additional supplementary export certificate attesting to the scrapie and brucella status (uncastrated sheep only) is required.

Further advice and guidance in relation to exporting breeding & production cattle sheep and goats directly from their premises of origin can be found at:

Brucella ovis testing requirements

Uncastrated male sheep must have tested negative for Brucella ovis within 30 days of the proposed return l movement to GB to enable completion of the re-entry health certificate.

Re-entry process

All NI animals returning from approved GB show or sale must be accompanied by the ‘re-entry’ export health certificate and pre-notified on TRACES-NT using a CHED-A (Moving live animals into Northern Ireland from Great Britain.

In contrast to those GB origin sheep moving to NI, those sheep and goats returning to NI do not require an import licence.

Further information

Further advice and guidance on the return of NI animals from approved GB shows and sales:

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