Copeland Reservoir ASSI

Protected area type: Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Feature type: 
  • Species
  • Antrim
Council: Mid and East Antrim
Guidance and literature: Copeland Reservoir ASSI - County Antrim

Situated in the hills above Carrickfergus, the fluctuating water levels of Copeland reservoir provides habitat for a group of specialist mosses, some of which are rare. These mosses grow on exposed mud in the zone around the edge of the reservoir. They tend to be short lived, appearing in early winter or spring following a lowering of the water-levels.

There are two rare mosses found in Copeland Reservoir ASSI. The first is dwarf bladder-moss which is only found on one other reservoir in County Antrim and there are no other populations in Ireland. The second rare moss is beaked beardless-moss which has recently been recorded in Northern Ireland on three other County Antrim reservoirs.

Fluctuating water levels and good water quality are important to ensure the survival of the mosses.

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