Peatlands Park ASSI

Protected area type: Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Feature type: 
  • Habitat
  • Armagh
Council: Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
Guidance and literature: Peatlands Park ASSI

Peatlands Park is of special scientific interest because of its woodlands, lowland raised bog and the fen and open waters of Derryadd Lough. This range of habitats supports a rich flora and fauna, including a number of rare species.The area represents one of the largest blocks of semi-natural woodland in Northern Ireland. The mildly acidic drumlin woodlands are dominated by birch and oak. Annagarriff Wood is the most mature and diverse of these woodlands. Wet areas dominated by downy birch and grey willow also occur where soils are flushed or waterlogged adding diversity to the woods. 

The peatland interest incorporates a large area of intact lowland raised bog at Mullenakill. The bog is actively growing and is covered by typical raised bog vegetation. The extensive areas of cutover bog display considerable variability reflecting the degree of wetness. Where the water table is at or close to the surface, the cuttings support vegetation similar to that of lowland raised bog. 

The waters at Derryadd Lake are eutrophic, being characterised by species such as yellow water-lily. Fen and swamp vegetation is associated with the margins of the lake. 

The rich flora and fauna associated with this extensive and highly diverse area supports a large number of rare and notable species. Plants include species such as bog Rosemary in the peat cuttings and alder buckthorn in the wet wood. Notable invertebrates include the wood ant and a number of butterflies, including marsh fritillary.

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