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Forest Service report on Afforestation Workshop held in Loughry College on the 10 January 2023

Published 16 May 2023Independent reports

Regulatory fees and charges are developed in line with the NIEA Regulatory Charging Policy 2023. This policy can be viewed at the link below:

Published 16 May 2023Policy papers

For the last 5 years in the Co Fermanagh, bTB levels, number of cattle slaughtered due to bTB and amount of compensation paid to farmers.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

Stats on the number of checks at Border Control Posts (BCP) relating to animals and animal products, including non-compliant findings and enforcement actions, from 2015 to Jan 2023 broken down for each BCP.

Published 12 May 2023Consultation reports

Number of water pollution reports, attendances and water quality tests 2022 to date.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

In last 3 years and for 2011 / 12, number of dead badgers collected at the roadside, number of those tested for TB and number those that tested positive.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

The amount of grant paid to the Pig Industry for the last 3 financial years detailing compliance with planning & statutory regulations. Number of pigs lost in outbreaks of fire in the last 3 years.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

Cost details regarding reports commissioned in response to a tribunal case, cost of new NICS raising concern policy & cost of refreshed Civil Service Code of Ethics.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

Details regarding money spent and resources used to date by Dept on this Mobuoy clean up.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

Number of wild bird species linked with every lethal control licence in NI during 2022.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

A range of questions relating to Forest Services ownership of Castlewellan Castle.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

Details of funding awarded to Lough Neagh Partnership by DAERA or NIEA.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

Request for decisions not taken because of the absence of a minister and / or fully functioning Executive at your Department.

Published 12 May 2023Corporate reports

To be completed and emailed to at least 24 hours in advance of arrival of the bird into Northern Ireland.

Published 12 May 2023Forms

Details of occupancy rates of NI government offices in the months September- December 2022.

Published 12 May 2023FOI/EIR responses

Please take a look at the leaflet below which was printed and distributed in October 2022.  It tells some of the DAERA story in a way that illustrates the varied nature of the work of the Department. It highlights how this work positively impacts on the lives of peop

Published 05 May 2023Promotional material

Mobuoy Remediation Project - Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment

Published 04 May 2023Research and analysis

Tetra Tech Remediation Options Appraisal Report 

Published 04 May 2023Research and analysis

Northern Ireland agricultural incomes infographic.

Published 27 April 2023Guidance literature

This is a quarterly publication which contains provisional figures for October to December 2022 on the key measurements of local authority collected municipal waste for district councils and waste management groups in Northern Ireland.

Published 27 April 2023Statistical reports

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