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Northern Ireland milk price statistics show the average producer prices for raw milk sold off farm and the volume of raw milk collected from Northern Ireland farms from 2000 to 2022.

Published 24 March 2022Statistical reports

This Code of Practice is published by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs under section 13 of the Environmental Better Regulation Act (Northern Ireland) 2016.

Published 23 March 2022Guidance literature

Updated guidance for Development Proposals

Published 22 March 2022Guidance literature

These are a set of Frequently Asked Questions linked to the opening of the Soil Nutrient Health Scheme. 

Published 22 March 2022Forms

The consultation closed on 15 February 2022. A total of 339 responses were received from organisations and individuals. Below is a high level overview of the responses along with a more detailed summary.

Published 16 March 2022Consultation reports

Statistics provided by the Veterinary Service Animal Health Group of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in relation to the testing for and, incidence of, Tuberculosis in Cattle.

Published 08 March 2022Statistical reports

Under section 10 of the Environmental Better Regulation Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 (the Act) the Department must review relevant powers of entry and relevant associated powers contained in any statutory provision under which it has any function with a view to deciding whether

Published 04 March 2022Legislation and regulations

This publication presents results of the Agricultural and Horticultural Census Northern Ireland for June 2021.

Published 03 March 2022Statistical reports

Northern Ireland Environment Agency Board Meetings 2022

Published 02 March 2022Agendas and minutes

The review of the implementation of the 2011 Act, in 2015, recommended that DAERA should publish an annual report setting out information in relation to the animal welfare service.

Published 24 February 2022Guidance literature

This guide explains land eligibility rules for the:

  • Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)
  • Young Farmers’ Payment (YFP)
  • Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS)
  • Protein Crops Scheme (PCS)

Published 23 February 2022Guidance literature

Minutes and Agendas of the DAERA Departmental Board Meetings 2022.

Published 21 February 2022Agendas and minutes

This guidance:

Published 17 February 2022Guidance literature

SAF3 for EFS Claim

Published 17 February 2022Forms

EFS nomination of authorised persons forms

Published 16 February 2022Forms

Protein Crops Scheme – Questions and Answers

Published 15 February 2022Correspondence

This Question & Answer document will provide you with the guidance you will need to help you understand active farmer requirements

Published 15 February 2022Forms

You are advised to read this Guide before completing an application to transfer Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements.

Published 15 February 2022Guidance literature

Young Farmers' Payment / Regional Reserve Form 2022

Published 15 February 2022Forms

This guide sets out:

Published 15 February 2022Guidance literature

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