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Construction of new road bridge at Narrow Water, Warrenpoint.

Published 12 September 2023Legislation and regulations

Northern Ireland to third country exports - stakeholder bulletins

Published 07 September 2023Circulars

Nomination Form for Authorised Person to act for EFS Agreement

Published 06 September 2023Forms

Review of Decisions FlowChart

Published 06 September 2023Forms

Guide to Review of Decisions 2024

Published 06 September 2023Guidance literature

Guide to Young Farmers' Payments / Regional Reserve 2024

Published 06 September 2023Guidance literature

Guide to the Environmental Farming Scheme for Agreements commencing 01 Jan 2024- 

Published 06 September 2023Guidance literature

A list of common Questions and Answers in relation to the Protein Crops Scheme

Published 06 September 2023Guidance literature

Each year DAERA must send the European Commission an Annual Implementation Report (AIR) setting out our progress on delivering the Programme. The annual report sets out the progress for the previous calendar year and this progress report will cover the period from 1 

Published 05 September 2023Statistical reports

Future Farm Support and Development Frequently Asked Questions

Published 05 September 2023Guidance literature

Guidance to Claiming EFS online

Published 04 September 2023Guidance literature

The Statistical Review of Northern Ireland Agriculture is the primary source of statistics for the agricultural industry in Northern Ireland.

Published 01 September 2023Statistical reports

Please refer to the following link and below document: Create an account (

Published 31 August 2023Guidance literature

NIEA Guidance on Single use Vape

Published 23 August 2023Guidance literature

Ecology Reports for Mobuoy Site

Published 22 August 2023Independent reports

The Guidance document for Basic Payment Scheme 2024 (inc Protein Crop Scheme).

See Q&A Protein Crop Scheme 2024


Published 22 August 2023Guidance literature

Exporters Declaration

Published 18 August 2023Guidance literature

The published annual statistics relating to the Carrier bag levy which commenced on 8 April 2013.

Published 17 August 2023Statistical reports

Semen Collection & Processing Centre

Published 11 August 2023Forms

The aggregate agricultural account of Northern Ireland agriculture provides estimated output and input values by sector, as well as the important economic measures of value added and total income from farming. It covers the period since 1981

Published 11 August 2023Statistical reports

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