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Application for a Licence to Move Restricted Cattle

Published 31 January 2022Guidance literature

On 13 December 2021 DoF published the 2022-25 Draft Budget document for 2022-25. The Budget provides the Executive with an opportunity to improve the lives of people in Northern Ireland by allocating resources to high priority areas in order to improve outcomes for citize

Published 28 January 2022Consultation reports

This is a quarterly publication which contains provisional figures for July to September 2021 on the key measurements of local authority collected municipal waste for district councils and waste management groups in Northern Ireland.

Published 27 January 2022Statistical reports

Defra have issued reminder information as the invoice deadline is approaching for Export Health Certificates (EHCs) issued through the Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS). Submit invoices by end of January 2022 for work done before 1 November 2021.

Published 27 January 2022Notices

The documents below outline to public authorities the various assessments that must be undertaken to meet the various legislative obligations for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Published 27 January 2022Guidance literature

This is the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Retention and Disposal Schedule.

Published 26 January 2022Policy papers

The Independent Strategic Review of the NI Agri-Food Sector (ISRAF) explored the challenges and opportunities that the agri-food sector in Northern Ireland faces in 2021.

Published 25 January 2022Independent reports

If you suspect someone is involved in an illegal fishing incident or you have witnessed an incident, please complete the form below.

Published 24 January 2022Forms

Updated Guidance for Development Proposals

Published 20 January 2022Notices

This poster provides guidance on how you can best protect your birds from bird flu. Following these simple guidelines will protect your flock, whether you are a commercial, backyard or hobby keeper.

Published 19 January 2022Guidance literature

Don’t pay to throw away - Reuse your carrier bags!

Published 19 January 2022Circulars

The Agricultural Market Report provides average prices for clean cattle and sheep and for breeding animals, as well as prices for pigs, broiler chickens, potatoes and cereals in Northern Ireland. This report is published weekly, on either Thursday or Friday.

Published 19 January 2022Statistical reports

Defra’s webinar on Monday 11 January on the certification of fish and shellfish Animal Health Regulation Export Health Certificates.

Published 14 January 2022Guidance literature

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs has published a consultation on the Future Agricultural Policy Proposals for Northern Ireland. Below you will find the Presentations delivered during the virtual Consultation Information Sessions.

Published 13 January 2022Guidance literature

See below for details of communications issued by Trade Programme to aPVPs/Veterinary Practices in 2022:

Published 12 January 2022Guidance literature

Northern Ireland to third country exports - stakeholder bulletins

Published 12 January 2022Circulars

Construction of a Swim/Play Area

Published 11 January 2022Correspondence

The Northern Ireland Agri-food sector Key Statistics booklet contains summary information on agriculture, fishing and forestry. 

Published 11 January 2022Statistical reports

Marine Construction Licence for Public Realm Works in Warrenpoint

Published 11 January 2022Correspondence

Construction of a headwall

Published 11 January 2022Correspondence

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