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Equality Screening is the process of making an initial assessment about whether or not a policy or decision has the potential to impact differently and unfairly on different groups of people.

Published 29 January 2024Guidance literature

Information on Product Eligibility under NIRMS

Published 26 January 2024Guidance literature

FML1 Form

Before completing this form you are advised to read Section 10 - Force Majeure/Exceptional Circumstances (FM/EC) of the Guide to the Basic Payment Scheme.

Published 23 January 2024Forms

Remedial works on the Old Slipway, Portrush Harbour. Restoration of concrete and masonry works to include installation of renewed concrete toe.

Published 22 January 2024Legislation and regulations

GB-NI Triangular Trade - January 2024

Published 22 January 2024Guidance literature

The documentation linked below is for the export of bovine oocytes and embryos, to EU Member States.

Published 18 January 2024Forms

Nutrient Action Programme (NAP) Derogation - Terms and Conditions

Published 17 January 2024Guidance literature

The Agricultural Market Report provides average prices for clean cattle and sheep and for breeding animals, as well as prices for pigs, broiler chickens, potatoes and cereals in Northern Ireland. This report is published weekly, on either Thursday or Friday.

Published 15 January 2024Statistical reports

Enforcement Notices issued and closed during 2023 by the Drinking Water Inspectorate

Published 12 January 2024Legislation and regulations

DAERA wishes to thank individuals and organisations who have responded to a consultation on the marine licence application for the proposed extension to existing coastal defence at Curran Strand, Portrush .

Published 12 January 2024Decisions

A study has been commissioned by DAERA and completed in early 2023 by environmental consultants WSP UK Limited, with the assistance of RSM UK.

Published 12 January 2024Research and analysis

The following links consolidate records held by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for the export of Refuse Derived Fuel from Northern Ireland. Records will be updated as information becomes available.

Published 12 January 2024Statistical reports

DAERA Stakeholder Webinar Presentation September 2023 - Revised January 2024

Published 11 January 2024Guidance literature

On 31st March 2023, DAERA launched a public consultation seeking views to help inform the development of future regulations that will place climate change reporting duties on specified public bodies. The consultation closed on 30th June 2023 after

Published 10 January 2024Consultation reports

The Water Quality Improvement Grant aims to fund projects to deliver water quality improvements, help connect people with the water environment and bring about behavioural change.

Published 09 January 2024Guidance literature

The 2023-24 Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) Business Plan has been prepared for consideration and approval by an incoming Minister and will remain as a draft until then.

Published 08 January 2024Business plans

The Marine Licensing Operating Principles

Published 05 January 2024Guidance literature

Application for Discharge of Condition of an existing Marine Licence

Published 21 December 2023Forms

2024 Cross-Compliance Verifiable Standards

Published 19 December 2023Legislation and regulations

The Water Quality Improvement Grant aims to fund projects to deliver water quality improvements, help connect people with the water environment and bring about behavioural change.

Published 18 December 2023Promotional material

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