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New 2024 Form Nomination of an Authorised Person for Single Application & Maps

Published 22 February 2024Forms

Preparing for Trade in Germinal Products

Published 21 February 2024Guidance literature

To nominate another person to submit ONLY applications to transfer BPS entitlements

Published 21 February 2024Forms

You are advised to read this Guide before completing a transfer application, paying particular attention to Section 2 - Important points to remember.

Published 21 February 2024Guidance literature

This is the nomination form that enable a farm business to authorise persons to deal with certain aspects of their Single Application & Maps.

Published 21 February 2024Forms

Nomination Form for Authorised Person to act as EFS Planner for EFS Agreement

Published 21 February 2024Forms

On 25 January 2023, we published a 33 point action plan to improve governance across the NI Civil Service.

Published 16 February 2024Independent reports

The Project will see repairs to the collapsed breach in the sea wall at Annes Point. The Project will see this breach repaired, and provide better conditions for the formation of salt marsh within Annes Point.

Published 16 February 2024Legislation and regulations

Enforcement notices issued and closed during 2024 by the Drinking Water Inspectorate

Published 14 February 2024Legislation and regulations

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Roads have commissioned Amey Consulting to prepare an outline design package to enable procurement of a Design and Build Contractor to construct a new footbridge on the River Lagan.

Published 13 February 2024Legislation and regulations

Construction of 40m of 315mm PVC, 200mm concrete surround, outfall pipe on Killyleagh beach to serve residential development 'Lodgehill'.

Published 09 February 2024Legislation and regulations

To construct an outfall pipe at Millisle SPS

Published 05 February 2024Guidance literature

This report describes research to quantify and describe commercial and industrial (C&I) waste in Northern Ireland.

Published 05 February 2024Statistical reports

This is a quarterly publication which contains provisional figures for July to September 2023 on the key measurements of local authority collected municipal waste for district councils and waste management groups in Northern Ireland.

Published 01 February 2024Statistical reports

DAERA 2023/438 Economic Figures and Estimates

Published 01 February 2024FOI/EIR responses

DAERA 2023/434

Direct Economic Costs and Benefits

Published 01 February 2024FOI/EIR responses

DAERA 2023/417 Request for SBRI Information

Published 01 February 2024FOI/EIR responses

Licence to possess mallard eggs for incubation and to possess mallard for release

Published 31 January 2024Guidance literature

Licence to take mallard eggs for the purposes of incubation and subsequent release of the birds

Published 31 January 2024Guidance literature

Sea disposal of dredging material from Warrenpoint Harbour for 2024-2027 to be disposed of at Warrenpoint B sea disposal site.

Published 29 January 2024Legislation and regulations

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