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The new Plant Health Regulations extends the use of plant passports to all plants for planting. It also sets out a new format for plant passports.

Published 20 December 2019Guidance literature

The purpose of this publication is to integrate evidence from across government in order to:

Published 20 December 2019Statistical reports

An area within the EU can be recognized as a protected zone (PZ) for a specific quarantine pest by the European Commission if the pest is present in a part of the EU territory but not in others.

Published 20 December 2019Guidance literature

The US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership, launched in July 2006, is an innovative and pioneering initiative involving funding agencies across three jurisdictions: United States of America, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Published 19 December 2019Forms

The stakeholder engagement was conducted during the twelve week period 4 July to 30 September 2019.   A total of 13 responses were received.  The names of the respondents are listed alphabetically.

Published 19 December 2019Consultation reports

The review of the implementation of the 2011 Act, in 2015, recommended that DAERA should publish an annual report setting out information in relation to the animal welfare service.

Published 19 December 2019Statistical reports

Yield and Production Estimates for the main cereal crops and potatoes are provided below. The estimates for cereal yields are taken from a post-harvest survey of 235 growers. Potato estimates were taken from a survey of approximately 73 farms from pre-harvest digs.

Published 19 December 2019Statistical reports

Pollution Reduction Programmes (now Shellfish Action Plans) were established under Article 5 of the Shellfish Waters Directive (2006/113/EC) which stated that all Member States should establish programmes in order to reduce pollution in designated shellfish wate

Published 19 December 2019Development plan/framework

Statistics provided by the Veterinary Service Animal Health Group of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in relation to the testing for and, incidence of, Tuberculosis in Cattle.

Published 19 December 2019Statistical reports

This guidance invites the general public, where they may have witnessed or have concerns about alleged wrongdoing, corruption, fraud and malpractice in the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) to make their concerns known (“blow the whistle&

Published 18 December 2019Forms

This newsletter, which will be published biannually, will be an important means for the Department to communicate key information on the CAP Reform Pillar I (land payments) and Pillar II (Rural Development Programme) schemes to farmers.

Published 18 December 2019Circulars

Successful Projects within the DAFM/DAERA Competitive Research Call 2015, 2017 & 2019.

Published 17 December 2019Research and analysis

Please find the AI specific licenses letter below.

Published 13 December 2019Guidance literature

LPAI trade table

Published 13 December 2019Guidance literature

Application form for live poultry, hatching eggs, captive birds and pigeons.

Published 13 December 2019Guidance literature

General poultry licences in place from 30 January 2020.

Published 13 December 2019Policy papers

A list of research projects currently funded by the Department.

Published 12 December 2019Lists and registers

This publication presents a range of physical and financial performances for each of the main farm enterprises against which producers can assess, the performance of their own enterprises.

Published 11 December 2019Statistical reports

A guidance leaflet providing some tips to help you be confident that the puppy you have your eye on has been bred responsibly.

Published 10 December 2019Guidance literature

Citizen science provides new scientific or environmental knowledge, through the involvement of members of the public in scientific research.

Published 10 December 2019Independent reports

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