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General poultry licences in place from 13 December 2019.

Published 13 December 2019Policy papers

Please find the AI specific licenses letter below.

Published 13 December 2019Guidance literature

LPAI trade table

Published 13 December 2019Guidance literature

Application form for live poultry, hatching eggs, captive birds and pigeons.

Published 13 December 2019Guidance literature

A list of research projects currently funded by the Department.

Published 12 December 2019Lists and registers

This publication presents a range of physical and financial performances for each of the main farm enterprises against which producers can assess, the performance of their own enterprises.

Published 11 December 2019Statistical reports

A guidance leaflet providing some tips to help you be confident that the puppy you have your eye on has been bred responsibly.

Published 10 December 2019Guidance literature

Citizen science provides new scientific or environmental knowledge, through the involvement of members of the public in scientific research.

Published 10 December 2019Independent reports

Farmers must notify NIEA of any silage, slurry or agricultural fuel oil store constructed, or substantially enlarged on or after 21 July 2003. A copy of the notification form can be downloaded below.

Published 10 December 2019Forms

These publications provide estimates of the value of sales, value added, profitability, exports and employment for each of the ten subsectors of the food and drinks processing sector in Northern Ireland.

Published 09 December 2019Statistical reports

Stakeholder communications in chronological order.

Published 06 December 2019Correspondence

Information on the numbers of successful FBIS Tier 2 applications, in particular to beef enterprises & how many applications have still to be assessed.

Published 04 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

Provide details of Cetaceans & Basking Sharks Protection and also of Lobstermen Licences and number of nets within in Strangford lough

Published 04 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

information regarding use of barbed hooks and salmon fishing

Published 04 December 2019FOI/EIR responses

Guidance on the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations (NI) 2017

Published 04 December 2019Guidance literature

NIEA Guidance on Waste Domestic Heating Oil Tanks.  From the 1st January 2020 all ‘uncleaned’ waste domestic heating oil tanks, i.e.

Published 02 December 2019Guidance literature

Environment, Marine and Fisheries Group (EMFG) Protocol on the recovery of costs under the Environmental Liability (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations (NI) 2009.

Published 29 November 2019Guidance literature

Information on the quantities of local authority collected municipal waste collected and managed in Northern Ireland.

Published 28 November 2019Statistical reports

This report provides both summary and detailed figures on the amount of local authority collected municipal waste in Northern Ireland in the latest reporting year, as well as trend data over the last number of years.

Published 28 November 2019Statistical reports

Application for Registration as Forest Trader

Published 22 November 2019Forms

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