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Non-Sector: Category B (Licence Type 3199)

Published 01 January 2022Notices

Non-Sector: Category C (Licence Type 4199)

Published 01 January 2022Notices

Non-Sector: Category A (10 metre and under) (Licence Type 9199)

Published 01 January 2022Notices


The determination by the Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (NI) of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) Carbon Price under the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme (Withdrawal Agreement) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020.

Published 23 December 2021Decisions

Industrial Emissions

Published 23 December 2021Guidance literature

Published 20 December 2021Consultation reports

Yield and Production Estimates for the main cereal crops and potatoes are provided below. The estimates for cereal yields are taken from a post-harvest survey of 235 growers. Potato estimates were taken from a survey of approximately 70 farms from pre-harvest digs.

Published 16 December 2021Statistical reports

This publication presents provisional summary estimates of the Agricultural and Horticultural Census Northern Ireland for June 2021.

Published 16 December 2021Statistical reports

Information and guidance on Cross-Compliance.

Published 16 December 2021Guidance literature

This is the nineteenth in a series of annual reports on air quality in Northern Ireland. 

About air quality

Published 15 December 2021Statistical reports

In October 2021 the European Commission introduced a new Export Health Certificate (EHC) for cattle moving between EU Member States, including moves from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

Published 15 December 2021Guidance literature

General Licences available for moves from the Free Area

Published 10 December 2021Forms

Statistics on the state of the water environment are published annually in the Northern Ireland Environmental Statistics Report. Water Framework Directive data is not updated each year due to the timescales of the monitoring.

Published 09 December 2021Statistical reports

Miscellaneous General Licences

Published 09 December 2021Financial plans and reports

General Licences available for use from the Surveillance Zones

Published 09 December 2021Forms

Guidance for Farm Biosecurity and Vehicle Disinfection

Published 06 December 2021Guidance literature

Questions regarding the Risks of Climate ‘Science’ and Neo-Liberal Financialisation to Farmers, Land and Home Owners

Published 03 December 2021FOI/EIR responses

This guide sets the requirements which have to be met when importing controlled material into Northern Ireland. The controls prevent the spread of economically and environmentally damaging pests and diseases.

Published 03 December 2021Legislation and regulations

The Strategic Review of Angling in Northern Ireland (NI) report was published in 2013 and was commissioned and advised by a steering group comprised of the following organisations:

Published 02 December 2021Independent reports

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