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Marine Licence ML2020011 Kilroot Power Station

Published 01 September 2021Guidance literature

Marine Licence ML2020007 Holywood, Co Down

Published 01 September 2021Guidance literature

Area Based Schemes Balmoral Show Flyer

Published 27 August 2021Circulars

Thematic Pillar 5: Connectivity Presentation

Published 26 August 2021Circulars

DAERA's equality scheme sets out how it will comply with it's equality duties under section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

Published 25 August 2021Policy papers

This framework sets out the way forward for future agricultural policy now that Northern Ireland has left the EU.

Published 24 August 2021Business plans

The published annual statistics relating to the Carrier bag levy that commenced on 8 April 2013.

Published 19 August 2021Statistical reports

Enforcement notices issued and closed during 2021 by the Drinking Water Inspectorate

Published 19 August 2021Legislation and regulations

Thematic Pillar 4: Employment

Published 18 August 2021Circulars

Animal Group Number Keeper Amendment Application

Published 17 August 2021Forms

Animal Group Number Re-activation Application

Published 17 August 2021Forms

Thematic Pillar 3: Health and Wellbeing Presentation

Published 16 August 2021Circulars

Environmental Farming Scheme Advice Note 21.01 Angler Access

Published 13 August 2021Guidance literature

01 21 - DAERA LA FCCO Bulletin - Certification Support Officer (CSO) Information

Published 12 August 2021Circulars

UK Carbon Emissions Trading Schemes Fees and Charges for Northern Ireland Operators 2021

Published 11 August 2021Guidance literature

Guidance on management of noise and vibration from installations regulated under the Industrial Emissions Directive.

Published 11 August 2021Guidance literature

Defra Announcement: As of 1 August 2021 two further expansions to the Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS) are now live which will provide financial support to traders moving agri-food products from Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland.

Published 11 August 2021Guidance literature

Investigations carried out to describe and explain cases of avian influenza.

Published 10 August 2021Independent reports

Thematic Pillar 2: Sustainable Tourism Presentation

Published 05 August 2021Development plan/framework

The legislation governing the Direct Payment schemes was incorporated into UK law by the Direct Payments to Farmers (Legislative Continuity) Act 2020.  This took effect immediately following 31 January 2020 which was the day the UK left the European Union.

Published 03 August 2021Guidance literature

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