Habitat and Species Actions Plans

Northern Ireland Species and Habitat Action Plans are published to assist delivery of the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy, for the protection and enhancement of Northern Ireland Priority Species populations and areas of Priority Habitats which in turn supports Nature Recovery Networks and Green Growth Strategies.

  • As part of the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy, the Department maintains lists of Northern Ireland Priority Habitats and Northern Ireland Priority Species which require conservation action.  These are now maintained as part of the WANE Act.  The list of Northern Ireland Priority Species is currently under review.
  • Between 2000 and 2008, Northern Ireland Action Plans were published for most priority habitats and over 30 priority species.   Some of these were updated in advance of the Department’s Environmental Farming Scheme and provide a useful source of information.
  • A wide range of actions for these habitats and species continues to be undertaken, e.g. through the management of designated sites, planning regulation, agri-environment schemes and grant-aided projects, but have not been specifically designed to fully implement these action plans or any overarching Habitat and Species Action Plan.

Our library of historical Action Plans can be found under Publications, by using the search function. Although this information and advice was correct at time of publication, and may still be useful, please bear in mind aspects could be incorrect or out of date.

Northern Ireland Priority Habitat Guides

Northern Ireland Priority Habitat Classification Keys

Northern Ireland Priority Habitat Rapid Condition Assessments

EFS species-specific advice

Habitas – Northern Ireland Priority Species

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