You can apply for an Export Health Certificate (EHC) for EU Member States and non- EU Member States (Third Countries) for aquaculture animals and aquaculture products by following the instructions below.

Before you start

Aquaculture animal’ means any aquatic animal at any stage of its life, including eggs and sperm/gametes, dead, reared in a farm or mollusc farming area, including any aquatic animal from the wild intended for a farm or mollusc farming area.

Aquaculture products’ means any product derived from ‘aquaculture animals’.

NB: Live oysters for direct human consumption are certified by Local Authority Environmental Health Officers  - see the Fish and Seafood Products – exports for human consumption for further details.

Disease status for aquaculture exports

The disease status of marine areas in which aquaculture products are harvested in Northern Ireland can be viewed at the following links:

Northern Ireland Marine Disease Control Compartments


How to Apply for an EHC for Aquaculture Products

Eu Trade

If you are exporting to an EU Member State, DECOL is not the appropriate place to make your application. Instead, you must download and complete 'Notification of Proposed Fish Movement Form' below and then email the form as an attachment to 

Third Country Trade

If you are exporting to a  'Third Country' eg China, you must make your application in DECOL. Please use the green application button at the bottom of this page to start your application. You must upload the Export Health Certificate and a completed version of the 'Notification of Proposed Fish Movement Form' document listed below as a supporting document. 

Please provide as much advanced notification of the intended date of export as possible before making your application by contacting DAERA Fish Health Inspectorate at the email listed below.

If you require any  assistance or further advice/information please contact:

Fisheries Inspectorate
Rathkeltair House
Market Street
BT30 6AJ

Telephone: 028 4461 8089


Start your Export Health Certificate application

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