Beef farming nutrition

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Relative feeding values

The calculation of a relative feed value is a simple technique used to determine whether a particular feed is value for money relative to reference feeds - barley and soya. It is important to know the energy (ME) and protein (CP) content of the feeds to be assessed as relative feed values are calculated using these figures. Processing costs are not included in the calculation. The actual figure quoted for a feed indicates the highest price at which it will be value for money relative to barley and soya.

Enter your own price for barley and soya and then press the "calculate" button. The monetary value of a range of feedstuffs, based on animal performance trials, will then be displayed. Feedstuffs are good value if they can be purchased at less than the value displayed. The "enter own feedstuff" facility allows a feed or blend of known ME and CP content to be evaluated.

Feeds vary in terms of nutrient composition. It is advisable to have an analysis of the feed available before calculating its relative feed value.
Your local Greenmount adviser can assist you with the formulation of balanced rations.


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