We will undertake a number of checks on your business if you opt-in for BCR.

These checks will be completed using information that we hold and include:

  1. That you have claimed, and are eligible for payment of, BPS or any scheme replacing BPS for the relevant scheme year; and
  2. That your business kept and sent for slaughter eligible animals during the relevant scheme year (as recorded on NIFAIS), and the number of such animals; and
  3. That the animal was not acquired by DAERA for disease control purposes; and
  4. That you have provided us with valid bank account details for the purposes of making a payment to your business; and
  5. That we have not been informed of a reason why a payment cannot be made to your business.

We may use other information that we hold regarding your business and animals to determine your eligibility and/or the amount of your BCR payment. This is not an exhaustive list of checks that we will undertake.


Farm Inspections we will undertake on your business

We will not undertake inspections on your farm business for the purposes of determining your eligibility for a payment under BCR. However, we may undertake inspections on your farm business for other reasons (for example, if you have applied for BPS or any scheme replacing BPS). The information that we gather as a result of any inspection we carry out on your business may affect your eligibility for, and/or the amount of, your BCR payment.

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