Duty of care

This article outlines the duty of care that importers and brokers of waste must adhere to when dealing with waste movements.

Definition of duty of care

The basis of duty of care is that any person who imports, produces, carries, keeps, treats or disposes of controlled waste, or as a broker, has control of such waste, must take all measures applicable to him/her in that capacity as are reasonable in the circumstances to:

  • prevent the deposit of controlled waste on land except under the terms of a waste management authorisation
  • prevent the escape of waste from his/her control, or that of any other person
  • secure that any transfer of waste is only to an authorised person
  • be accompanied by a description adequate to help any subsequent holder avoid breaching the duty

In practice the legislation requires all producers, carriers and managers of waste to put in place a system of transfer notes in order to document waste movements. For details of the requirements see:

Further advice is available by calling Duty of Care helpline at 028 9056 9360 or you can email roc@daera-ni.gov.uk

Electronic Duty of Care (edoc)

Edoc (Electronic Duty of Care) is a free online portal designed to give businesses an alternative to current paper-based Waste Transfers Notes (WTNs).

How does it work?

Edoc allows businesses to create Waste Transfer Notes electronically.  All data is stored online, which means companies can easily search and retrieve information, and run data reports for business planning and waste and resource management.

Who’s behind it?

Edoc has been developed by the UK Environmental Regulators in partnership with the waste sector and UK government bodies.

To sign up to the new system or to find out more visit:

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