Contractual/Export agreement

Guidance on the information required for a contractual agreement regarding litter/manure

If manure/slurry/litter is to be exported from a farm and imported onto another farm or to another operation (e.g. Anaerobic Digester) to be processed /utilised, we require written confirmation from the owner of the nominated sites confirming they will accept the additional manure/slurry/litter. Full details of the contractual agreement should be provided.

The contractual agreement should:

  • Identify the individual parties concerned
  • The place of origin of the livestock manure
  • The final destination of the livestock manure
  • The type of livestock manure concerned
  • The volume of livestock manure concerned
  • The length of term of the contract

If litter/manure is to be sent to an AD plant, confirmation that the plant is operational and has been granted a Waste Management licence from NIEA, is required.

The contract should clearly demonstrate a written commitment by both parties and their obligations for the movement and control of the manure/slurry/litter. It should be signed by both parties and clearly state that they are sending / accepting the litter.  It is not acceptable to state that they could send / accept. The tonnage of manure/slurry/litter should also be clearly identified.

For all export agreements/contracts where the recipient is located in the Republic of Ireland confirmation is required from Teagasc that the recipient is a bona fide farmer with the capability to utilise the manure/slurry/litter from this development at the location stated. Should export be proposed to another country then confirmation will be required from the equivalent organisation in that country.

Where the manure/slurry/litter is being sent to the Republic of Ireland, or another jurisdiction, for use in an operation such as an Anaerobic Digester confirmation is required from a body, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland or their equivalent, that the facility is currently in operation and has the facility to accept the litter.

Important Information for the NIPP Case Officer

All information supplied relating to the utilisation of manure/slurry/litter for NIEA’s consideration must be un-redacted (including signatures). This includes all:

  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Contractual Agreements
  • Confirmation from Teagasc, EPA or equivalent.

All un-redacted information can be e-mailed to

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