Registration of carriers and brokers

Information on how to register as a carrier or broker of waste with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Page last updated 05/12/2022

The Controlled Waste (Registration of Carriers and Seizure of Vehicles) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999 place a legal requirement on companies or individuals who transport all categories of controlled waste, to apply for registration with the NIEA

It is a criminal offence to transport controlled waste without being registered with us that carries a maximum fine of £5,000.

What is controlled waste?

Controlled waste is defined as all liquid waste, and any waste that cannot be disposed as a Class I, II or III landfill site. Controlled Waste also includes asbestos, commercial and demolition, clinical or related waste, tyres and waste that has been immobilised or encapsulated.

There are two types of Waste Carrier licence

Upper Tier Carrier

People and businesses who transport, dispose, buy or sell controlled waste or arrange for others to do so on their behalf, basically covering any waste in a commercial vehicle.

The fees in respect of a new Upper Tier Waste Carrier application and an Upper Tier Waste Carrier Renewal application are currently £159 and £79 respectively, in accordance regulation 2 of the Waste (Fees and Charges) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2022 (SR 2022 No. 127)

Lower Tier Carrier

You can apply for a Lower Tier carrier Licence if you are one of the following-

  • A Government Department.
  • A District Council (including City or Borough).
  • Any wholly owned subsidiary of the Northern Ireland Railways Company Ltd.
  • A waste collection authority, a waste disposal authority or a waste regulation authority.
  • A charity.
  • A voluntary organisation.
  • A business which only carries animal by-products.
  • A business which only carries, brokers or deals in waste from premises used for agriculture (see section below).
  • A business which only carries waste from a mine or quarry.
  • A business which only carries waste which it has generated on its own premises

There are no fees in respect of a Lower Tier Waste Carrier.

Before you start to register

New Upper Tier Waste Carrier

You require -

  • To be registered with NI Direct or Government Gateway
  • Names and dates of birth of the organisation’s executives, owners, directors or partners
  • Proof of Address only for a new applications - acceptable documents are - Council tax/ Rates bill, Bank or credit card statement , Utility bill, Driving licence, Mortgage statement or tenancy agreement, NHS card.
  • Details of any environmental offences they’ve committed
  • A way to pay (for example, a debit or credit card) or you may pay by BACS.

Renew Upper Tier Carrier Licence

  • When you renew your licence you have up to 28 days after the expiry date to complete your renew
  • If you do not complete within the 28 days yor will be required to submit a new upper tier application
  • If you renew your upper tier carrier licence you are not required to submit proof of address

New Lower Tier Waste Carrier

You require -

  • To be registered with NI Direct or Government Gateway
  • Names of the organisation’s executives, owners, directors or partners

Start Application

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