Environmental statistics

DAERA produces a number of statistical reports on the Environment covering a range of topics including water pollution, air pollution, municipal waste management statistics, beaches, and carrier bags levy statistics. Environmental statistics published by DAERA can be found by using the links below.

Environmental Statistics Report

A range of environmental statistics are published in the compendium  Northern Ireland environmental statistics report.

Local Authority Collected Municipal Waste Statistics

Information on the quantities of local authority collected (LAC) municipal waste managed in Northern Ireland. An interactive dashboards relating to Local authority collected municipal waste statistics is also available in the Interactive statistics hub.

Carrier Bag Levy Statistics

These statistics provide information on the number of carrier bags dispensed each financial year under the carrier bag levy in Northern Ireland

Water Quality Statistics

Information is provided on the assesment of Northern Ireland water environment in relation to the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Air Quality Statistics

Summary information on key air quality monitoring results and analysis from data collected by automatic monitoring stations

Environmental impacts of COVID-19 - management information

DAERA dashboard created to consider the environmental impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on a variety of metrics

Further Environmental Statistics

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