This page contains information on ineligible items and projects for the FBIS Capital Scheme.

Ineligible items/projects

Some items/projects will be ineligible for grant support under the FBIS Capital Scheme, such as like-for-like replacement or maintenance; consumables such as feed, fuel or spray; investments relating to non-agricultural animals; and items that meet existing statutory requirements.  Some further clarification is provided below: 

  • Projects/equipment required for your business to comply with existing statutory regulatory requirements. For example: slurry capacity facilities for businesses currently below the minimum statutory capacity requirements (22 or 26 weeks).
  • Standard agricultural equipment. For example: tractors, trailers, quads, farm handlers, forklifts, combines, 4x4s, ATVs, RTVs etc.
  • Items/projects that do not add to the Gross Value Added (GVA) of your farm business and are not essential. For example: lane concreting/enhancements, landscaping, general purpose sheds, machinery sheds and workshops.
  • Like for like replacements/general maintenance. For example:  repair projects and reroofing.
  • Conversion construction projects. For example: transforming a silo into a livestock shed. However, new equipment could be retrofitted into existing buildings, for example, a new milking parlour/robot could go into an existing shed, provided an engineer’s certificate was present to show the building is structurally fit for purpose to support the new kit and it has a 20 year design life.
  • Purchase and installation of renewable energy investments.
  • Second hand equipment. Ineligible under the EU approved NI RDP 2014-2020
  • Equipment typically used by contractors. For example:  balers, silage harvesters
  • Projects associated with food processing buildings and equipment
  • Consumables such as feed, fuel or spray
  • Investments relating to non-agricultural animals
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