Farm Business Improvement Scheme – Capital (FBIS – C) - ‘Making It Safer’ Self-Assessment

All applicants must complete the ‘Making it Safer’ Self-Assessment and provide a Certificate / Action Plan as confirmation of completion.

This risk assessment must have been completed on or after 1 December 2021 and before the closing date of the scheme, with the date of completion recorded on the certificate.

This is an online tool and is available here. A certificate will be issued on completion once the applicant has completed the self-assessment. 

Applicants will need to save this digital certificate (to a computer rather than a mobile device) as it is required as part of the overall application.  The DAERA Farm Business ID number entered on to the certificate will be checked against the Farm Business ID number on the FBIS Capital Scheme application form.  

The completed form must be uploaded when submitting the online application.

It is essential that the name of the applicant on the DAERA Category 1 Farm Business ID Number is entered onto the ‘Making it Safer’ Certificate / Action Plan as well as the pin location(s) of the main farmyard(s) associated with the proposed investment (including slurry storage locations) including main farm and out farms.

It is also recommended that applicants complete the ‘FarmSafeNet’ Health and Safety awareness training available here prior to completing their ‘Making It Safer’ risk assessment

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