Farm Business Improvement Scheme – Capital (FBIS – C) – Tier 2 Tranche 2- Business Plan

All applicants must complete a robust, viable and sustainable business plan using the FBIS-C Tier 2 business plan and must upload it as part of their application. The business plan has been designed to gather specific information required to assess and score applications.

The FBIS –C Tier 2 Business Plan comprises two parts:

  • The Business Plan Narrative (which describes key elements of your project and assumptions made); and
  • The Farm Business Planner (which sets out information on cash flows). 

Both parts must be completed. 

Business Plan Narrative (BPN) Template and Guidance Notes

There are two different Business Plan Narrative templates, depending on the type of project proposed. Guidance Notes are available to help you with the completion of your online Business Plan Narrative.

Please click on the link that applies to your project:

Farm Business Planner

You can access the Farm Business Planner here.

Please be advised that a Government Gateway ID will be required to access the Farm Business Planner. Guidance on how you can apply for a Government Gateway ID can be found here.

Further Resources

You can access additional resources, including worked examples, to help you with the completion of your application here.

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