Import and export of wood and bark

This section gives the requirements for importing and exporting wood and bark for Northern Ireland, this includes the wood packing for any other goods that are transported inside or outside the European Union (EU).

The requirements help to prevent the spread of tree damaging pests and diseases.




Forms - Wood and Bark

Wood and Bark Import Inspection Fees

Imports of wood or bark from countries outside the EU may be charged for documentary, identity or physical checks. Imports must be notified to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) using TRACES NT.

Biosecurity Awareness e- learning modules, forestry, wood and bark

Forestry Commission Digital Learning platform provides four training modules that are of relevance to the forestry and wood processing sector.

Module 1 Biosecurity Awareness

Module 2 Biosecurity Dispersal Pathways

Module 3 Biosecurity Measures

Module 4 Biosecurity Personal Controls

These training modules can be accessed at

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