Information and guidance on Cross-Compliance including penalties and verifiable standards.

What is Cross-Compliance?

The term Cross-Compliance refers to the requirement for farmers to comply with a set of Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs) and keep their land in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) in order to quality for full payments under the following schemes.

Schemes coming into effect from 2015 onwards:

  • Basic Payment Scheme;
  • Young Farmers Scheme;
  • Environmental Farming Scheme;
  • Forestry Expansion Scheme;
  • Forest Protection Scheme;
  • Woodland Investment Grant;
  • Pilot Protein Crop Scheme
  • Small Woodland Grant Scheme

Schemes that will continue in 2015 and beyond:

  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme (agreements signed after 1/1/07);

Northern Ireland Cross-Compliance verifiable standards

These booklets provide details of the Northern Ireland Cross-Compliance requirements.

Cross-Compliance penalties

These related documents set out the penalty framework that applies in Northern Ireland for calculating penalties to be applied for breaches of the Cross-Compliance standards.

Calculation of Cross-Compliance Penalty Rules

This document sets out the Northern Ireland penalty framework for calculating penalties for breaches of the Cross-Compliance requirements.

Calculation of Cross-Compliance Cattle Penalties

This document sets out how Penalties in respect of Cross-Compliance Animal Identification, Registration and Movement breaches will be calculated.

Related items

These documents  are the matrices used for fixing payment reductions for negligent or intentional Cross-Compliance breaches:

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