Information and guidance on Cross-Compliance including penalties and verifiable standards.

What is Cross-Compliance?

The term Cross-Compliance refers to the requirement for farmers to comply with a set of Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs) and keep their land in Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) in order to quality for full payments under the following schemes.

Schemes Listed :

  • Basic Payment Scheme;
  • Young Farmers Scheme;
  • Environmental Farming Scheme;
  • Forestry Expansion Scheme;
  • Forest Protection Scheme;
  • Woodland Investment Grant;
  • Pilot Protein Crop Scheme
  • Small Woodland Grant Scheme
  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme (agreements signed after 01/01/2007)
  • Beef Carbon Reduction Scheme

Northern Ireland Cross-Compliance verifiable standards

These booklets provide details of the Northern Ireland Cross-Compliance requirements:

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These documents  are the matrices used for fixing payment reductions for negligent or intentional Cross-Compliance breaches:

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