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Belfast Lough and Lagan Catchment Stakeholder Group e-newsletter Issue 4 - May 2012

Published 11 May 2012Circulars

Instruction manual for operation of the DARD APHIS Mobile app.

Published 10 May 2012Guidance literature

Agendas and minutes of the meetings of the Risks from pests, diseases and undesirable species sub-group for 2012.

Published 08 May 2012Agendas and minutes

Lower Neagh Bann Catchment Stakeholder Group e-newsletter Issue 3 - May 2012

Published 04 May 2012Circulars

Information on Lough Derg and future plans and proposals.

Published 03 May 2012Business plans

A regional update for the Upper Foyle Catchment area, dated 18 April 2012 and presented by Gavin Turner, Water Quality Inspector, NIEA.

Published 02 May 2012Notices

Development and implementation of the Derg and Mourne Local Management Area Action Plan 2009 to 2015 including successes to date and works planned in 2012.

Published 02 May 2012Development plan/framework

Information gathering and research on Freshwater Pearl Mussel.

Published 02 May 2012Statistical reports

This leaflet provides useful advice and guidance in relation to cleaning and disinfecting your poultry housing including information on methods of cleaning, repairs and maintenance as well as pest control.

Published 29 April 2012Guidance literature

Bush and Glens Catchment Stakeholder Group e-newsletter Issue 3

Published 24 April 2012Circulars

Information to district councils on their powers to take prosecutions in respect of certain graffiti and fly-posting offences.

Published 23 April 2012Guidance literature

Guidance to District Councils on Part 7 (Statutory Nuisances) of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (Northern Ireland) 2011.

Published 23 April 2012Guidance literature

Enforcement and prosecution policy for the Drinking Water Inspectorate for Northern Ireland - public water supply.

Published 23 April 2012Policy papers

Presentation and Information gathering Workshops

Published 19 April 2012Research and analysis

This is a quarterly publication which contains provisional figures for October to December 2011 on the key measurements of local authority collected municipal waste for district councils and waste management groups in Northern Ireland.

Published 19 April 2012Statistical reports

Upper Foyle Catchment Stakeholder Group e-newsletter: Issue 2, April 2012.

Published 18 April 2012Circulars

Information about the need for and implementation of sustainable stormwater management in Northern Ireland.

Published 17 April 2012Policy papers

Managing stormwater - a strategy for promoting the use of sustainable drainage systems within Northern Ireland - September 2011.

Published 17 April 2012Guidance literature

Guidance on Part 6A of the Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993

Published 02 April 2012Guidance literature

A scheme of fees and charges to recover the costs of processing licence applications under the Water Abstraction and Impoundment (Licensing) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006.

Published 30 March 2012Legislation and regulations

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