DAERA Dead Wild Bird Online Reporting Tool

DAERA collects some dead wild birds for Avian Influenza (AI) surveillance purposes. This helps us understand if and when the virus is present in Northern Ireland, and when calculating which areas are most at risk.

Before you start

This Wild Bird Reporting tool covers Northern Ireland only.  To report a dead wild bird in mainland UK please use the Report dead wild birds service on GOV.UK.

Infographic reading 'Use the Dead Wild Bird Online Reporting Tool if you find dead gulls, waders, ducks, geese or swans'

Please use this service to report any dead wild birds you may find.

DAERA Dead Wild Bird Online Reporting Tool

Additional information

Sick or dying wild birds

If you find a sick or dying wild bird, these can be reported to the landowner or the USPCA. Please visit the USPCA website for information about injured wildlife.

Advice for the public


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